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Girl's Sizes

Girl's size 3-5 Yellow

Girl's size 5 Pink


Girl's size 6 Beauty(Yellow)

Girl's size 7 Purple


Girl's size 8 Green

Girl's size 8 Blue


Girl's size 8 Rose Pink

Girl's size 9 Lilac


Girl's size 10 Turquoise

Girl's size 11 Yellow

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Photo's coming soon

Ladies Sizes

Size 8   - Rose Pink

Size 10 - Lt Pink

Size 12 - Rose Pink

Size 12 - Lilac

Size 14 - Rose Pink

Size 16 - Disney Lt Blue





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Video coming soon


Video coming soon


Video coming soon

Video coming soon


See the hoop by itself

Cinderella from "Ever After"

Land of Oz Hire Service
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 Ph: (02) 9896-1396
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