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Dress, apron, 
head-dress, garter

Ladies size 6
Ladies size 8
Ladies size 10
Ladies size 12
Ladies size 14
Ladies size 15
Ladies size 16

(Dress has built in fluffy petticoat)

Note - mannequin is quite tall.
Costume is usually a little longer on a person.


Magenta - Rocky Horror Picture Show

French maid

Land of Oz Costumes are usually made on the premises and are very good quality.

Petticoats are made from cotton so won't scratch legs or snag stockings like net petticoats.

Our costumes are made 'decent' enough to wear in front of family even if short.

Apron's are machine embroidered with decorations.

Video coming soon

Land of Oz Hire Service

Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896-1396
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

Opening Times

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